I came to Kathy feeling frantic about what was going on for me with food. She helped me cultivate compassion for what I was experiencing and discover what I was really needing. I really appreciated her gentle approach and every time we talked, I felt like her calmness rubbed off on me a bit. She gave me super simple strategies that help me return to self-acceptance and interrupt the spiral of thoughts and emotions that sometimes crop up in my busy life. Kathy was so patient and accepting, and was exactly what I needed during a time I was being very hard on myself.
Carissa Ferro, CA 
My experience with Kathy's Vibrant Spirit Class has been beyond anything I expected. It has been a transformational, deep, healing journey. Kathy has the ability to gently weave so many threads of healing, compassion, deeper understanding and transcendence of our core wounds around the issues of food, body image, self-esteem, and personal essence. Kathy is a powerful, intuitive healer and teacher! I'm grateful for this wonderful experience.
Penny Dickson, Bolton, MA 
There is amazing power in a circle of women when Kathy sets the stage for trust, acceptance and curiosity.  Self-Compassion and doorways to self-healing are in every session guiding me to deepen my acceptance and appreciation for who I am. At the same time there is homework to deepen the work and incorporate the teachings from each class.
Pam Fredrick, Harvard, MA
Kathy – working with you was life changing – thank you so much! My doctor was amazed, and thrilled, at the improvements in my body from even the basic cleanse. I really appreciate your belief that a cleanse can be done simply with food (rather than special products), and while I imagined it was going to be a time of deprivation, I had never felt so well-fed! You taught me so much (and I thought I knew a lot about food and nutrition), and were so patient and supportive, personalizing and adjusting our approach each meeting in response to my feedback, really listening and problem-solving with me throughout. I will definitely stay in touch for more work together as needed, and have recommended you often to others. Thank you!
Cindy, Boxborough, MA
Since Kathy's class my diet has shifted considerably, on a permanent basis.   I allow myself to still eat the things I love "sweets", but in moderation, while increasing my greens, nuts, and beans.  With this simple shift in diet, I have more energy and just feel better overall.   I highly recommend this class!  and will take it again myself as a refresher and just to learn new tips/recipes for staying healthy.
Dale, Andover, MA
The Vibrant Spirit Class has allowed me to explore some very old hurts in such a safe and healing process that I feel myself letting go of the old hurts. In the very first class I found insights that have eluded me for 40 years.
I have some wonderful new skills to help with stress. I call on old memories of being loved and I hold myself with self-compassion. Listening to the stories of the other women I hear how we are all fundamentally the same. 
Cary Browse, Harvard, MA
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