Motivational Speaking

Kathy speaks to a variety of groups: women’s groups, dyslexia parent groups, and church groups on a variety of passions.

Overcoming Overeating

Talks and Workshops about Food, Overeating, and Healing

  • Overcoming Emotional Eating: My Healing Story and Steps for You to Get There
  • Healing Your Relationship with Food
  • Workshop: Healing your Relationship with Food—Food is a doorway into the core wounds that are calling to be healed

“Kathy was a wonderful speaker. Clear, organized, interesting, engaging and precise.”

“Kathy really touched me. Uncovered a wound and a source of love. I've never been so moved in a meeting.”

“Kathy is a great speaker. She did a wonderful job of conveying her passion for people and their relationship with food”

Overcoming the Shame of Dyslexia

Kathy was diagnosed with dyslexia at age 7. She was tutored throughout high school and in this talk she shares her struggles and triumphs and the strengths dyslexia has given her. She also shares strategies for parents to help their support their child’s emotional growth.

Here is a video about overcoming the shame of dyslexia she did with Carey Cort:

Spiritual Talks and Sermons:

Cracking Open Your Heart—a Personal Story of Tapping into the Wisdom of Divine Spirit

“Kathy Elkind spoke at the Harvard UU Church about a very personal experience. She called her reflection "Cracking Open Your Heart.” Kathy calmly offered her story with humor and grace; her words rang strong and clear. She is a talented speaker. Her message was universal and important for each of us to hear. As she spoke I ran along the beach with her, felt her pain, experienced the beauty and the fear and finally the first moment of relief. It was a transforming experience.”

-Cary Browse, Harvard, MA

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