“When we give ourselves compassion, the tight knot of negative self-judgment starts to dissolve, replaced by a feeling of peace, connected acceptance-a sparkling diamond that emerges from the coal.”

Kristin Neff, PhD

Mindful Self-Compassion is an 8-week program designed to explicitly teach skills of self-compassion using:

  • Guided Meditations

  • Informal practices

  • Group discussions

  • Homework exercises

8 Week Program – October and November 2017 

Free information session September 5th at 11-noon or September 6th at 7-8PM

Location: Revolution Yoga in West Acton

Two options:

  1. Tuesday Mornings - Oct 10, 17, 24, 31, Nov 7,14, 21, 28 - 9:15-11:30AM
  2. Wednesday Evenings - Oct 4, 11, 18, 25, Nov 1, 8, 15, 29 - 6:15-8:30PM

Optional 1/2 Day Retreat: TBD


Cost: The sliding scale is intended to make the course accessible to everyone who wishes to attend, while providing the instructor with necessary income. Please use this scale, based on annual income, together with your inner sense of generosity and respect to choose your fee:

Under $30,000: $300

$30,000–50,000: $400

Over $50,000: $500 or more

Both Classes are full. 

Send a check  (made out to Elkind Nourishment) 

to Kathy Elkind, Elkind Nourishment, 525 Mass Ave, 101 J, Acton, MA 01720

Questions, email Kathy. I'd be happy to talk with you.



Location: Revolution Community Yoga, 

537 Massachusetts Ave, Acton, MA 01720

Kathy Elkind is a Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher. She has taught the 8-week program 4 times.  She attended the teacher training in Aug 2015 with Kristin Neff and Christopher Germer. She has used MSC with her clients and seen wonderful results. Kathy has been a teacher for most of her life. She leads follow up MSC groups weekly.

Trish Garrigan, is a Mindful Self Compassion Teacher-in Training, having taken the teacher training course in 2016. She holds a MA in Holistic Mental Health Counseling and is a Certified Focusing Trainer. She has practiced meditation for over 25 years, including over a dozen week long retreats, and she is a trained hospice volunteer. She currently works for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a Water Resources Planner. She leads meditation groups at First Parish Church of Groton and at the EPA . She is working to complete the requirements to become a Certified Mindful Self Compassion Teacher. 

"Just when I thought I might lose my mind from the rigors of parenting, Mindful Self-Compassion showed up for me. Better than any coping strategy I had devised to endure my pain, MSC was what finally helped me accept the truth of my situation with a tenderness I didn't realize was possible.”
Aimee EckhardtKansas City, Missouri

"Recently a doctor prescribed The Benson Institute for relaxation in Boston to deal with my stress induced illness. However Kathy’s Mindful Self-Compassion class was closer so I took it and I’m so grateful I did. I now have tools to deal with life stresses and I know how to give others and myself compassion. I’m no longer on acid reflux medication or anti-depressants. Best of all I have finally found my voice. I speak up for myself and my needs.”
C.F. Acton, MA

"This class has been very valuable to me. It has given me tools (practices) to use to change my inner critical voice to a supportive and compassionate voice. It has taught me both how to be aware of when the critical voice comes up and how to compassionately change it into the voice I’d instinctively use with a best friend. How incredibly lovely!" 

S.E. Harvard, MA

"This class was transformational for me. It changed my over-doing, organizing self, to a kinder, gentler, forgiving and accepting self. I love the tools I now have to be present to my suffering or discomfort and how that connects me to the common humanity of the world."

Pam Fredrick, Harvard, MA


It is suggested you read one or both of the following books before or during the class.


8-week Outline

Week 1 – Discovering Mindful Self-compassion
Week 2 – Practicing Mindfulness
Week 3 – Practicing Loving-Kindness
Week 4 – Discovering Your Compassionate Voice
Week 5 – Living deeply
Retreat – 3 hour silent practice – a first for some people
Week 6 – Meeting Difficult Emotions
Week 7 – Exploring Challenging Relationships
Week 8 – Embracing Your Life

Everyone’s lives are busy. You are encouraged to participate in all of the classes but if you miss 2 classes you will still receive a certification. This class is prerequisite to the MSC teacher training.


Rapidly expanding research demonstrates that self-compassion is strongly associated with emotional wellbeing, less anxiety, depression and stress, maintenance of healthy habits such as diet and exercise, and satisfying personal relationships. And it’s easier than you think.


After participating in this 8-week program, you’ll be able to:


  • Practice self-compassion in daily life
  • Understand the empirically-supported benefits of self-compassion
  • Motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism
  • Handle difficult emotions with greater ease
  • Transform challenging relationships, old and new
  • Manage caregiver fatigue
  • Practice the art of savoring and self-appreciation


Sliding Scale


“Leaning into our problems with open eyes and an open heart – with awareness and compassion- is the process by which we get emotional relief.”
Christopher Germer

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