Eating Psychology Coaching


If you are a woman who’s been struggling in your relationship with food, feelings, weight, and body image issues…


Do you eat when you are upset?

 Do you beat yourself up for overeating, then promise yourself you will “be good” tomorrow?

 Do you look at your body now and wish it were different?

 Are you ready to free yourself from diets, food compulsions, overeating or binge eating?


You are not alone. 


My name is Kathy Elkind. As founder of Elkind Nourishment, I’m an Eating Psychology Coach who works with individuals and groups to understand why you eat when you’re not hungry. This is the first step toward healing your relationship with food and with your body.


I do not offer a quick fix, because you don’t need to be fixed.  There is nothing wrong with you.  As your Eating Psychology Coach, I help you explore the personal dimensions of your life that affect your weight, your health, and your relationship with food.


First, let’s get a few facts straight about The Nourishment Paradox…

 It is all about the food.

 It has nothing to do with the food.


Eating is not a simple matter of meeting nutritional needs or caloric intake.   It is intimately connected to our hearts and minds, our memories and emotions, our conscious and subconscious sense of who we are.


Your relationship with food is an intrinsic part of your relationship with yourself.


Next, let’s clarify my approach and what I BELIEVE about food, body, weight, and healing…


I don’t believe in “bad foods” and “good foods.”


I don’t believe in “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts.”


I don’t believe in “one size fits all.”


I believe in a personalized approach that combines nutrition science, eating psychology, and finding what’s right for you, your body, and your personal style.  My goal is to help you learn to nourish and nurture your body, mind, and spirit.


Overeating and binge eating are not about the body’s hunger. 

If you’re like my clients, you may be using food to push away feelings such as:

  • sadness
  • anxiety
  • boredom
  • frustration
  • anger
  • disappointment

Knowing what you should eat is not enough.  Understanding why you eat is the first step toward healing your relationship with food and with your body.

Can you relate?

Like I said before, you are not broken, bad, wrong, or wounded. You are human. And I’m honored to be your guide on this journey into health, healing, and freedom



Before I met Kathy, I had many issues with food and my body -- I ate compulsively and then felt bad about myself, I had low self-esteem and hated my body, and I certainly felt no self-compassion. From working with Kathy, I have learned how to eat mindfully and make better food choices that I can feel good about, I have gained improved self-esteem and learned to grant myself self-compassion -- a hard lesson to learn, but one which Kathy has helped me with a great deal. I now feel positive about the journey that I am on and feel thankful for the help that Kathy has given me.

BT, Paxton, MA


Kathy brought a wonderful sense of compassion to her nutrition coaching.  She guided me to make healthy choices along with bringing kindness and understanding to my relationship with myself.  I have worked with other nutrition coaches that lacked the knowledge of the depth of the psychology of eating.  Kathy shows you how to navigate a kind relationship with yourself when it comes to food and eating.  It was so refreshing.  

Cari Ryding, Natick, MA


"I feel extremely blessed to have met and worked with Kathy. Her kindness and nourishing personality shines through from the moment you meet. She has helped me find the way down my healing path. I feel so much more at home in my body now. And I am very grateful for her work."

Anna,  Somerville, MA


“When Kathy and I first began working together, I had the misconception that we were going to talk about food and all the ways in which I "wrongly" approached eating and exercise. What a surprise it was to learn that Kathy was more interested in what lies beneath these habits and the forces working against my ability to be healthy and whole. Kathy took the time to learn about my health history and personal history. Kathy quickly established a relationship of trust which enabled me to discover some truths about my eating and some destructive habits. I have been able to learn and grow in my acceptance of self and to retrain myself in what I put into my body and in practicing healthier habits that support my metabolism.”

MJ, Shirley, MA


"Kathy, you are a wonderful teacher! This is such a tender topic for us and you make it so much less scary and fraught. I am filled with hope, not just for myself but for all my sisters... this is very important work you are bringing to the world.”

Jenny Campbell

Enneagram Teacher,

Holliston, MA


“Every time I'm with Kathy in a class or a one to one session, I learn more about the relationship of food, energy, and well being for my body and soul.

I also learn more on preparing healthy foods, trying new foods or seasonings and how all of this is nourishing and delicious on many levels.

Kathy is present, insightful and helps me align with my truth.”

Pam, Harvard, MA


 How Does It Work?

We start with a free fifteen minute call to explore whether we are a good match, then schedule coaching sessions that work with your schedule.  We can meet on the phone or in person at my office in Acton or Harvard, Massachusetts.

Our first session includes an intensive 60-minute intake, so I can determine which strategies are best suited to your particular goals.

Subsequent sessions will include personalized assignments and recommendations as well as easy-to-practice Mind-Body Nutrition strategies.

Please Note:

This is not therapy.  Our work will center on food, eating and health.

One-time sessions generally don’t work.  Lasting change requires time and effort.

I am fully committed to helping you get where you want to go.

I promise to be non-judgmental, honest, and open-hearted.

If you are ready to look at your life in a new light, ready to shift your thinking, ready to dive deep and look at emotions that drive over eating or binge eating, then I would be honored to support and guide you on your path to healing.

Contact me here to explore the possibilities

What is Eating Psychology Coaching?

Eating Psychology Coaching is a cutting edge approach developed by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. The Institute’s program covers topic like natural appetite regulation, hidden contributors to weight gain, the connection between metabolism and emotion, how to regulate mood with macronutrient balance, the influence of bio-circadian nutrition, how physiologic relaxation responses can promote calorie burning, and the nutritional power of pleasure.  As a certified Eating Psychology Coach, I use these principles to create a customized coaching program that is relevant to your needs, concerns, and goals.

My rates are:


3-month package: 8 sessions for $880 (save $120)

Contact me here to explore the possibilities

# of sessions

1 session $125.00 USD

8 sessions $880.00 USD

# of Sessions


Sign up for a 20 call to see if we are a good fit.

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